India Uncut - The Tsunami Posts

At the end of December 2004 and the beginning of January 2005, I travelled through the tsunami-affected areas of Tamil Nadu, India. These are the posts from just before, during and after my trip that I wrote for my blog, India Uncut.

Monday, December 27, 2004

The rising

The refresh button scares me. Since yesterday, every time I've clicked on it, I've found that a few more hundred, perhaps a few more thousand, have died. Yesterday, this time, it was about 2000 "feared dead". Now it's 21,000 confirmed dead, with thousands more missing.

And it isn't over. The UN has issued a warning that epidemics might affect thousands more, with the infrastructure in all the affected areas having broken down badly. Getting clean drinking water is a huge problem in many of these places, and millions have been left homeless. That death toll, unfortunately, will keep rising.

In case you wish to help, The Acorn lists out relief agencies that are accepting donations.
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